84 Lumber Re-opens Doors in Milton

The lumber company that closed its doors in East Milton in 2008 came back out of the woodwork stronger than ever on Friday.

84 Lumber reopened yesterday at 7 a.m. fresh in the Santa Rosa Industrial Parkwith 20 new jobs and another 20 jobs on the backburner that are be expected to be filled by the end of October.

Tom McArdle, operations manager at the East Milton facility said 84 Lumber had been in talks over the past several months on re-opening the facility following talks of the housing market coming back to life.

“We are going to be conservative to begin with and start out with a staff of 20,” McArdle said. “We are hoping to expand those numbers within the next couple of months.

And the lumber company will need all the help they can get. The Milton branch will not only be opening up to regular business, but will be offering more services including custom door assembly and installation services.

“We will offer a full line of services and products including door molding, insulation, drywall and plywood,” McArdle said. “The company feels that there is going to be a better future in our market.”

The lumber company fell under in April 2008 after they struggled under poor housing market sales.  84 Lumber closed some 30 locations around the United States including the Milton branch when the economy spiraled downward.

“The housing market had fallen to the point where it wasn’t viable for us to be here anymore,” McArdle said.

Now, the lumber giant is starting to open up several of its locations and offering more services as housing markets begin to improve.

The 54-year-old lumber company operates 13 other locations in the state of Florida.

Ken Tuggle, a Santa Rosa native who worked for 84 Lumber almost eight years ago is helping restore the roots in East Milton to help get the company back on its feet.

“Ken was actually employed with 84 lumber prior to us opening at this location,” McArdle said.

McArdle said the company did not have a grand opening celebration, but instead just opened its doors like they did almost three years ago on a normal day.

The company is now back to business on Industrial Boulevard and is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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